Contract Number & Title :
CMAS# 4-11-71-0047H
CMAS# 4-16-71-0151A
CMAS# 4-11-72-0018C
CMAS# 4-08-78-0040A

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Vendor Name & Mailing Address
Peter Pepper Products, Inc.
17929 South Susana Road
Compton, CA 90221
P 800 496 0204 ext 7
F 310 639 6013

Brands Listed : All products & specials

Terms: 1% 20 Days, Net 45

Delivery: 45-60 Days ARO

Freight: FOB Factory

A copy of the end user Purchase Order must be submitted to Peter Pepper Products along with the reseller's own Purchase Order.

Orders shall be directed to:
Peter Pepper Products, Inc.
PO Box 5769
17929 South Susana Road
Compton, CA 90221
P 800 496 0204 ext 7
F 310 639 6013

Price Lists

Prices shown in Price List links below are current prices.

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Contract Number

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Fiberglass Products, Benches & Childrens Furniture

Discount from LIST: 51.54%

March 31, 2023



Recycling Receptacles
Trash Containers
Wastebaskets & Sandurns
Fiberglass & Steel – Fiberglass + Steel
Recycling Bins – Stainless Steel

Discount from LIST: 51.54%

May 31, 2021



Catalog Section 1.2
Fresh Ideas
Guest Center, Message Center
Parallel - Writing, Tack & Mirror Panels
Folding Chairs

Catalog Section 1.3
Infection Prevention Centers
Wall Mounted, Freestanding & Mobile Cart

Catalog Section 2.1
Wireless Synchronized Time & Emergency Mass Notification (EMN), Digital & Analog Clocks

Catalog Section 3
Wardrobes, Coat Trees/Racks, Coat Hooks

Catalog Section 4
Drum Tables

Catalog Section 5/5.1
Shelving & Storage Systems
Presentation & Display Rails

Catalog Section 7.1
Ancora® Tables
Laminate Occasional Tables
Wood Veneer

Catalog Section 11
Wheelies® Mobile AV Media Support Products
Hospitality & File Carts, Easels, MultiMedia Furniture

Discount from LIST: 51.90%

July 31, 2021

Supplement No. 1


Catalog Section 1/1.1
Magazine/Newspaper/Literature Racks,
File/Chart Holders
Magazine, Newspaper & Literature Racks
File & Chart Holders
HIPAA Medical Chart Holders
Express® Desk Folding Wall Desk
Patient Room Information Boards

Catalog Section 9
Showcase Collection
PepperMint® & MiniMint® Freestanding, Wall
Mounted & Counter Models

Catalog Section 10
Visual Communication Collection
Tactics® Writing Surfaces
Tactics Plus® Wall Track System
Tackable Panels, Combination Bulletin/Tack
Boards, Parallel, Information Boards,
Message Centers, Conference Center,
Directories, Poster SNAP Frames

Catalog Section 11
Mobile Lecterns

Discount from LIST: 51.54%

August 31, 2021

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