You may have heard things are changing at Peter Pepper Products. You’re right.

After just over seven decades of family ownership and management, DeskMakers has acquired our operating assets – and this is important – Peter Pepper Products will continue as a standalone division of DeskMakers.

  • We’re open for business today, since 6am Pacific.
  • We’ll still be called Peter Pepper Products.
  • Our customer service team stays the Peter Pepper customer service team.
  • Our production talent will stay dedicated to Peter Pepper items.
  • Our sales representatives will stay the same.

Below are a few questions and answers that we've prepared to resolve any confusion we likely caused in our initial, albeit overly legal, notification.

Are you still open for business?
Yes. Peter Pepper is still open, entering new orders, responding to emails, building products, and shipping orders.

What does this mean for my orders?

  • Until December 31, 2023, orders with a Compton FOB point are being produced and shipped from our original factory.
  • On January 1, 2024, the production baton passes to DeskMakers’ facility in Commerce, California. Expect some delays during this transition, but rest assured, you will receive an updated shipping date if needed.
  • If your order ships from one of our other FOB points, this transition will not impact your acknowledged shipping date.

    Your FOB Point can be found on your order acknowledgement.

    If you’re unsure, please reach out to Customer Service to confirm.

In any event, please watch your inbox for more order-specific announcements and updates moving forward.

What if I want to place an order today?
We welcome your orders anytime.
Please email POs to

Where do I send my request for quotes?
Send your request for quotations to

What about specials?
Send your custom product requests to

Will my Peter Pepper order documents still say, “Peter Pepper Products,” or should I look for DeskMakers’ name instead?
All documents concerning a Peter Pepper Products order will say Peter Pepper Products.

Has my representative and/or dealer changed?
The Peter Pepper local representatives and dealership network remain in place, ready to serve.

This is all great information, but I still have questions.
Drop an email to the Customer Service team ->

Thanks for your attention, understanding, patience, and support of Peter Pepper Products.

We’re still open. How can we help?

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