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Custom graphics + images

Customize your sign to coordinate with any architectural element or decor in your facility.
By applying color, materials, brand and images, we can achieve the look you want.

Read our Custom Artwork Guide prior to submitting images.

ICON Corridor Alert Signs 6-1/2"w + 8-1/2"w

This sign system communicates critical patient information to the next doctor, nurse or clinician. Easily lock and unlock the colorful information tabs as needed, using the 'push and slide' system concealed behind the hinged panel. Combine room identification and additional Infectious Disease Control inserts in a single system.

ICON is ADA compliant and may be customized to meet the requirements of your facility, department or unit.


  • Shown with optional embossed room number and Braille.
  • Width dimensions shown do not include the additional 2-3/4 inches per side needed to open tabs.
  • Height dimensions shown include headers; deduct 2-1/2 inches for no header models.
  • ICON Dual Occupancy Corridor Alert Sign helps to prevent confusion by dedicating one sign per patient.
C8 | 8 Tabs
8-1/2w x 12h

C10 | 10 Tabs
8-1/2w x 15h

C12 | 12 Tabs
8-1/2w x 16-1/4h

C4S | 4 Tabs
6-1/2w x 9-3/4h

Header Styles

No Header




Dual Occupancy

8 Tabs per patient
8-1/2w x 22h

header + panel finishes

Information Icons

The standardized Information Icon Library is easily augmented with any custom symbols and icons your care providers desire. Here is a sample of symbols currently found in the Information Icon Library. We can design custom symbols or text to meet your facilities needs and brand. All icons can be designed to be multi-lingual. Custom colors available.

Infectious Disease Control Inserts

The Infectious Disease Control Placard Insert (IDCPI)® helps to ensure better outcomes for your National Patient Safety Goal program for reducing the incidence of healthcare-associated infections (HAI's). These inserts are digitally printed on a durable, tear and moisture resistant material. Additional inserts can be customized to your needs. All inserts can be designed to be multi-lingual.

COVID-19 Inserts

Staff Education Poster

To facilitate that education and understanding we use a Staff Education Poster. The poster summarizes the features, functions and information of the sign in a quick-view format.

Staff Education Poster in acrylic holder 22w x 28h

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